Volunteer your time and sign up for a local event needing helping hands.  Volunteer your network and host a local event for area alumni. Volunteer additional funds to support other students through the Alumni Scholarship Fund.  Volunteer your thoughts and share your industry knowledge with other Night Owls.

The ways to give back are many and we sincerely appreciate every effort that comes forward.  You're paying into the university's success when you give back in some way.  Thank you!

Alumni Scholarship Fund
Giving back is easy, and is put to good use with successful, current students!
WGU Ambassador Clubs & Chancellor Clubs
WGU Ambassador Clubs & Chancellor Clubs
Are you interested in becoming a more official ambassador for WGU?  These programs are evolving, but designed to benefit you as well as the university.  Read up on the intentions, and let us know if you are interested!
Plan a Local Alumni Event
It's easy to set up a local event - and we're here to help!  Fill out the quick form to let us know where you are, what your goals are, and when you'd like to host a localized meeting of Night Owl minds!

You can also try online solutions like MeetUp or a local Facebook group to try and establish a local roost.
Sage's Heroes
We recognize alumni who have given to help other Night Owl's keep going.