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From Down Periscope to Wall Street
Posted on 11/8/2016

Read how this ambitious businessman took a very non-traditional tactic to bring the ideal job to his doorstep.  Paul served with the U.S. Navy but now works in private equity from the Big Apple.  He shares some insider information on career pathing that may give you an idea.

See what Paul did to bring opportunity to him.

Webinar: 7 Keys to a Successful Job Search for Midlife Jobseekers

Join expert Eileen Williams as she explains how to create your personal brand and leverage it to something sought after and appreciated by friends and colleagues. Making yourself a marketable commodity will carry you farther in your personal life and career—make sure you understand how to make yourself stand out.  Webinar details here.

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Webinar: How to Build Your Brand Online
With personal experience and expertise, Ryan Rohten will discuss how to grow your influence and amplify your online reputation.  Join the webinar on March 1.

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