The WGU Alumni Advisory Board and staff are working together to bring WGU students and alumni together throughout the country - in person! We all have busy schedules and are independent online learners, but that doesn't mean we don't like to socialize and network face-to-face. 

    Volunteer as a Networking Host
    Volunteers host and organize the event alongside Alumni Relations staff. The alum/student serves as the networking host by making reservations at a restaurant/venue, hand out some WGU goodies, and make sure the group come together.

    The Alumni Relations Office will send out invites and reminders on your behalf.

    For more information about hosting a networking event, please e-mail Alumni Relations at or if you are ready to host a networking event, please fill out the Networking Event form.
    Special Thanks

    Recent Networking Hosts

    Brian Taylor
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Roger Osborne
    Dayton, Ohio

    Tammy Grace
    Carson City, Nevada

    Larry Manch
    Killeen, Texas

    Gerry Damsky

    Boca Raton, Florida

    Wendi Giles
    Polson, Montana

    Dawn Woodward
    Portland, Oregon

    Maria Jones,
    Chicago, Illinois

    Sheila Pamplin
    Denver, Colorado

    Daniel Louie
    Temecula, California

    Wendi Giles
    Kalispell, Montana