Placement File Service for WGU Teacher Graduates

If you need a university placement file as part of a school district application process, please complete and submit the University Placement File form at . Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email to your WGU email account advising of the next steps.

For more information on professional portfolios and a detailed list of documents you need to provide for your University Placement File, please view the brief presentation Professional Portfolios for Educators.

Taskstream Access for for WGU Teacher Graduates

WGU provides graduates one year complimentary access to Taskstream, post-graduation.  An alumni code is needed to access this tool and this code changes at the beginning of each month. Graduates are encouraged to download their Taskstream portfolio to an external hard drive before their one year access expires. If graduates do not download within the year, Taskstream has the right to delete their portfolio after the one year period is up. There is also an option to purchase an extended Taskstream membership.

Taskstream Login:
Please login using the appropriate login option at the top of this page. Once logged in, you will be able to view the Access Code below. 

Directions on how to download your portfolio: 

Log into your Taskstream account.  On the left side menu:
A. Go to My Account Info or Click on the Resources tab.
B. Under that page there are four tabs:
     a. Mybrary
     b. Cybrary
     c. Manage Online Storage
     d. Pack-It-Up
C. Click on “Pack-it-up”
     a. Click on “Pick on Select Work to Package”
     b. You can then pick the folio that you want to download. The   directions will walk you through the process.

Should you have any post download questions or difficulty with the download, please contact Taskstream technical support at 1.800.311.5656