The world of health professions and its future is vast. As a Western Governors University alum, we wish to help you put your degree to use. We have organized this online community to assist you in continuing your professional development, hone your career-searching abilities, and develop networking opportunities. Whether it's by finding the right job, earning a promotion, or helping other WGU alumni, an active community with quality resources can enhance your experience going forward.

Many of you are currently employed or already hold a satisfying position in health professions. However, it is always good practice to keep yourself informed, educated, and up-to-date. This applies to both undergraduate and master's degree holders.

These communities and resources provide you with opportunities to create lasting relationships with students, alumni, and friends of WGU. Make sure to participate in the blogs and keep an eye on the career services area for updates. We value your involvement and input, and welcome your participation and contributions.

We offer you the following resources to assist with continued professional development, self-improvement, and research.


Mentoring is a large part of WGU, and this service extends to you even after graduation.

Contact Your WGU Alumni Relations Mentor

Dawn Woodward
Main - 866-895-9660 ext. #4511


SkillPort Access

You had access to this versatile web tool as a student and SkillPort is extended to you indefinitely as a graduate. The SkillPort web site provides professional modules and information you can implement in your daily business practices and procedures. Enter the same username and password you used as a student to enter the site. Contact your alumni mentor if you need assistance in locating this information.

Note: Vendor access may change over time due to rising costs or renegotiated contracts.


WGU Career Resources

WGU Alumni and Career Services has a full range of career and job search information including tips on interviewing, networking and resume writing. Featured resources include Optimal Resume, career webinars, and job clubs.

Resources for Nurses

  • Employment Web Sites
  • Associations
  • Industry News and Networking Sites


Resources for Health Informatics Professionals

  • Employment Web Sites
  • Professional Associations
  • Industry News and Networking Sites

Resources for Healthcare Managers

  • Employment Web Sites
  • Professional Associations
  • Industry News and Networking Sites


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