WGU current students:

    1.   Be enrolled in Western Governors University Teachers College.

    2.  Have an 80% or higher cumulative SAP at the end of your most recent completed term.

    3.  Be currently enrolled in the term following the completion of Schools and Society or if Foundations of Teaching is not in your Teachers College program, be enrolled in second term.

    4.  You must have Mentor consent.

    5.  Pay $50.00 annual dues plus one-time $10 initiation fee.

    WGU Teachers College Alumni must provide one of the following two forms of documentation showing that you meet the KDP membership requirements:

    1. A Letter of Recommendation from an administrator referencing your long-term commitment to the field of education, leadership, and service

    2. Proof of a prior non-WGU education degree transcript where you earned at least a 3.2 GPA for a Bachelor’s Degree or a 3.5 GPA for Master’s Degree.

    Transfer Members (Prior KDP members - active or inactive):

    You have already met membership requirements for KDP, so we ask that you transfer into our chapter, stay current on your annual dues, and lend your voice and expertise to our chapter.