President of Alpha Epsilon Sigma

    Tommy Schubert


    Where are you from? Killeen, Texas; however, Covington, Louisiana, has been my home for the past seven years and I now live in Schweinfurt, Germany!

    When did you start at WGU? October 2008.

    Your program of study: B.A. in Social Science 5-12.

    Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student: The ability to attend a school no matter where I am in life. 

    Obstacles you face as a student: While being a student, I have faced major operations on my right knee, while still staying on time with my personal goals and SAP. Also, my wife joined the Army, and within a six-month time frame, we had three military moves across two states and then ending up in Germany. All the while, still taking care of our three wonderful children, attending physical therapy, etc. Again, because of this amazing school, my studies were not hindered and I was still able to stay on track.  

    What are your plans after you finish your degree? Teach high school history as well as complete my master’s degree. Eventually, I would like the opportunity to teach for online universities as well.

    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do? I love to sing, read books, and, of course, spend time with my beautiful wife and three kids.

    More on Tommy: I cannot properly express what an honor it is to have been elected as your president. As we are entering our Centennial year in 2011, it is my honor to launch us into the next century as a strong and growing organization here at WGU. 

    I am equally as honored with the great team of officers working with me, that not only have we already grown our chapter, we are now a functioning Standard Model chapter! So, I am excited about everything that is going on within KDP here at WGU. 

    I was born in Temple, Texas and was raised in Killeen, Texas. In my senior year of high school, I moved to Pensacola, Florida and completed high school there. After that, I moved to Camden, South Carolina and began my adult life. Shortly after that, I became a police officer for the city of Camden. After serving for a little over a year, I moved back to Pensacola, Florida, where I met my wife, now of 7 ½ years.  After getting out of the Navy Reserves in July of 2003, my wife, who was from the New Orleans area, and I moved to Covington, Louisiana. Again, I became a police officer, this time working as a Criminal Patrol Deputy for St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. 

    In September of 2007, I was injured in the line-of-duty, and became medically disabled. Currently, backdating to my injury, I have had three major right knee surgeries. 

    The great thing about this amazing university is that I have been able to stay on course with my studies, and having been in the top 20% of our school of education, was inducted as a Charter member of the Alpha Epsilon Sigma chapter of KDP here at WGU. At no other university could this achievement have been possible! 

    So, again, I would like to thank all of you for electing me as your president, and I am looking forward to serving you and working with you to grow our chapter here at WGU!


    Vice President of Alpha Epsilon Sigma

    Christy Raby

    Where are you from?  I am from Franklin, North Carolina.

    When did you start at WGU? I started WGU in July 2005.

    Your program of study: Education and Secondary Social Science

    Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student: Online learning! I loved the innovation of WGU because, as a single mom of three children, it allowed me to complete my degree, work, and also take care of my family all at the same time. It was a challenge to balance it all but eliminating the issues of getting a baby sitter and travel time to and from school was the only way I could have completed my degree.

    Obstacles you face as a student: I am an alumnus of WGU.

    What are your plans after you finish your degree? I currently teach parent education, anti-bullying, and conflict resolution classes throughout my region.

    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do? I love to take pictures of the beautiful mountains where I live; it's one of the most beautiful places on earth and I am fortunate to live where I do. I also like to play softball and spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors with my family and friends.

    More on Christy: I serve as the vice president of the Alpha Epsilon Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. I was born and raised in Western North Carolina. I am a single mom of three beautiful children and I love to travel and meet new people. I graduated from WGU in 2009 with a degree in education.  I have a passion for history, reading, and writing and so my major in Social Science Education was a perfect fit for me. I love teaching! As a child, I loved school but never dreamed I would one day be a teacher; it amazes me to this day how I arrived in this field but once I did, I found my niche in life. I have taught children from birth to adult over the past 20 years and, without doubt, character education is one of my favorite subjects to teach. I worked in the mental health field with troubled youth for a number of years so I know first hand the challenges that children and adults face in the education system and its life long impact. Life I firmly believe teaches us something each and every day, not only through the challenges we face but through opportunities that are presented to us. Each day is an opportunity to grow and learn, and in the end makes us the person we were destined to become. We each have a part to play and each can make a positive impact on those we meet. I am honored to be a part of KDP, the tradition and ideals it is built upon and the difference it makes in striving to advance education in a positive manner by seeking out and formally recognizing the best educators worldwide. By striving to keep the field of education strong and clearly focused on the education of upcoming generations of children, we ensure that the world will forever be a great place to grow and learn for all.



    Secretary of Alpha Epsilon Sigma

    Dori Jackson



    Where are you from? Hernando, MS

    When did you start at WGU? I started at WGU in January of 2008

    Your program of study: Bachelor of Arts–Interdisciplinary Studies, K–8 Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student: The flexibility of working when I want to and when I can.  I also like the fact that I can work at my own pace.

    Obstacles you face as a student: Finding time for myself.  Between school, work, community, and family obligations it seems that I do not have time to myself, EVER.  Because of this I get overwhelmed sometimes.

    What are your plans after you finish your degree? I will be teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th grade special education students at the alternative school in Desoto County Mississippi.  Our program is called Magnolia and I have already been offered the position.  I should begin the first of November.

    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do?  Hockey!!!!  My spare time is all about hockey and our local minor league, CHL, team, the Mississippi RiverKings.  I work closely with the team in many capacities from hosting hockey clinics to setting up player apartments as well as raising money for local charities.  My entire family loves the game and our team and we are all involved.

    More on Dori: I live in Hernando Mississippi which is about 12 miles south on I55 from Memphis (home of Elvis).  I am a wife, a mother to 4 beautiful daughters, and a brand new grandmother.  I currently work as an assistant teacher and am looking forward to start teaching in my own room very soon.  I enjoy hockey, camping, and spending time with my family.  I am from California originally but now call the South my home.  I look forward to serving as the secretary for our KDP chapter this year and I believe it will be the best year ever. 


    Treasurer of Alpha Epsilon Sigma

    Linda Ann Burt


    Where are you from? Winfield, NJ

    When did you start at WGU? I started WGU in July, 2009

    Your program of study: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies K-8

    Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student: My favorite aspects of being a WGU student is the flexibility of online learning. I also enjoy the collaboration with other students as well as my mentor.

    Obstacles you face as a student: The main obstacle that I face as a student is managing my time between, school, work and family. It has gotten much easier as I have gotten further into my program.

    What are your plans after you finish your degree? I hope to find an elementary teaching job within a local distance from my home. I will also pursue my further education in Special Education certification, 5-8 History endorsement and eventually my Masters Degree.

    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do? I enjoy performing, going to the gym, reading, spending time with my family and cooking.

    More on Linda: I am proud to be the treasurer of our chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. It is a privilege to be able to serve in this capacity in order to help our chapter succeed in all of its goals. We have a very strong sense of what our chapter would like to accomplish and I am positive we will reach all of our goals with the help of our members and WGU. I live in a very small town, Winfield, NJ. I have lived here my entire life along with about 2000 other residents. I am very fortunate to have been able to have this experience, as well as, being so centrally located in NJ that a big city or the shore was at a moment’s reach. I was raised by a very nurturing and loving family and that has given me the strength to be who I am without any questions asked. I am happy to be living my life with the loves of my life. They are Diamond, my Rottweiler, Zoe & Elvis my Chihuahuas and Casey, my 17 year old cat. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to start a theater company called Mystic Vision Players with some dear friends about 20 years ago and it is still going strong. I have held various positions on the Board of Directors and I am now an Advisory Board member and Historian. My greatest joy was to hold such positions as Producer, Choreographer, Vocal Director, Stage Manager and Cast Member. The arts are the true joy in my life and I will try and incorporate this knowledge into my lessons as much as possible.


    Membership Chair of Alpha Epsilon Sigma

    Brandi Davison


    Where are you from? I grew up near Richmond, VA. I now live in Dora, AL.

    When did you start at WGU? July 2004 Your program of study: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and MS in Special Education

    Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student: I am now an alumni, but while I was a student I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace. It allowed me to achieve my dream of getting a degree while still taking care of my family and other duties.

    Obstacles you face as a student: My husband is in the military. This made it difficult for me to complete my work sometimes, especially when we had to move so often. However, WGU’s flexibility made it so that I was able to complete my degree.

    What are your plans after you finish your degree? I have complete two degrees. If WGU offers a PhD I will probably work towards that. Currently, I am using my degree to work as a teacher in a drop out recovery program for students ages 17-21 who either dropped out or were permanently put out of their high school.

    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do? I love to read!

    More on Brandi: My name is Brandi Davison and I am the Membership Chair. I am exciting about working with new potential KDP members in order to increase our chapter, which is still in its infancy stages. I grew up near Richmond, VA and spent most of my life there. My husband is in the Coast Guard, and when we married we moved all over. We even had the chance to live in Honolulu, HI for 2 ½ years! This is why I started (and completed) my education at WGU. I knew that going to a traditional university when you have to move so often would be very difficult. I can take WGU with me anywhere!  I began my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in July 2004 and completed that degree in December 2007. I then began the MS in Special Education program on January 2008 and completed that in January 2010. My current position is as an educator for a program that targets students ages 17-21 who either dropped out or were put out of their high school.



    Fundraising Chair/Foundation Representative

    Denise McKenzie-Huffman


    Where are you from? Emory, Texas

    When did you start at WGU?  I started at WGU in December of 2007

    Your program of study:  Bachelor of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies K – 8

    Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student:  Being able to accelerate my classes whenever possible, and being able to take my time when my other obligations become too demanding.

    Obstacles you face as a student:  Juggling my obligations as a wife and mother, a full-time student, and other community centered organizations which I am involved with.

    What are your plans after you finish your degree?  I hope to find a teaching job and begin teaching in an early elementary grade just as soon as possible.
    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do?  My family loves to camp. We are having a good time exploring as many Texas State Parks as possible.  We take notes and hope someday to have enough material to start a blog.  I also enjoy spending time with our pets, which include several dogs, a couple of cats, a pony, two pygmy goats and a couple of chickens!  I am also a merit badge counselor for our local Boy Scouts of America Troop.  

    More on Denise: I live in Emory with my husband of 24 years and my two sons, who are 13 and 8 years old, respectively.  In addition to camping and Boy Scouts, my family is active in our church, in which I have been actively involved in Vacation Bible School and After-School Programs.  I also enjoy dreaming up home improvement projects for my husband to work on.  I will be Student Teaching in January of 2011, and plan to graduate from WGU in May, 2011.  I will be serving this year as our chapter’s Foundation Representative/Fundraising Chair.  I look forward to serving in this capacity and putting my previous volunteer experience to good use.

    Centennial Liaison

    Sariah Joy Critchfield


    Where are you from? I live in SC - just south of the North Carolina border.  

    When did you start at WGU?  I enrolled November 2007, completed EWB  in December and went to work January 2008.  Because WGU allows students to accelerate, I completed my student teaching this year, graduating in May.

    Your program of study:  I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education (in the dual certification program) and am now enrolled in the master’s program -  Learning and Technology.

    Your favorite aspect of being a WGU student: Flexibility to study what catches my interest in more depth and adapt what I learn to my future goals.  

    Obstacles you face as a student:  None that life wouldn’t still throw my way if I were not a student.  Besides, obstacles are just those nasty things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.  

    What are your plans after you finish your degree?  I’m interested in teaching and mentoring in virtual educational environments.  

    Do you work as well as study – and where? I have begun teaching 5th grade students online (US History, Geography and Literature)…. Love it!!  

    Outside of work and WGU, what do you like to do?  I love my family (have 5 granddaughters … wondering if the next will make it a half dozen) and am involved in my church.  I like traveling (did my pre-clinical experiences in China) and when I want to unwind, I make lace.    

    More on Joy: I am excited about celebrating the KDP Centennial with our chapter in its founding year. What wonderful changes there have been in education during the past century … This is Fantastic!

    Counselor of Alpha Epsilon Sigma

    Heather Dodds


    My name is Heather Dodds and I live in the North Country of Northern New York State.  I’ve been a Mentor with Western Governors University for six years and counting.    In my college years, I was Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa, the honorary academic fraternity at my local junior college.  During that time, I was involved in fundraising to endow a scholarship and I was able to attend the national PTK meetings in Dallas, Texas.  Also, I have extensive experience working with many departments and faculty at WGU.   Upon learning what KDP was about—since I was not a member—I jumped at the opportunity to work with the top 20% of WGU Teachers College students.  I signed up to become a Kadelpian based on my grades I earned in my Master’s Degree experience.  Working with the top 20% of Teachers Colleges students has been my honor.  It is a real joy to write to students to notify them that they are welcomed into Kappa Delta Pi!