The WGU Ask-A-Grad Program connects a prospective student with a WGU graduate for the purpose of learning more about their WGU experience. Prior to requesting graduate contact, please make sure you've spoken with the WGU Enrollment Department for questions about enrollment, procedures and program specifics.

    You can find answers to most commonly asked questions by reviewing the information below.

    • Graduate testimonials about their WGU experience, click here.
    • Learn about our NCATE accreditation for teacher licensure/certification, click here.
    • WGU teacher licensure/certification information by state, click here.
    • Read what employers nationwide think about our graduates' performance, click here.
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    • To speak with a graduate about their WGU experience, please request an Ask-a-Grad form from your enrollment counselor. 

    For program specifics, please contact our enrollment department at the numbers listed below.  They can assist you in answering all your questions. 

    To reach the enrollment department, please email them at or call (866) 225-5948.
    For The Teachers College, use ext. 3131
    For The College of Business, use ext. 3132
    For The College of Information Technology, use ext. 3133
    For The College of Health Professions, use ext. 3134 

    Thank you for your interest in WGU!

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