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You’re a naturally curious bunch.  We get it - and, happen to love that about you.  What could we possibly provide here that we either didn’t have you learn in your degree program, or that’s relevant enough to pull you away from your favorite daily digest?

What you can come to expect from this little arena (as we churn it out and code it in) are resources like continuing education deals, notices of new I.T. graduate programs, fun lifestyle reads, new rock artists to keep you going through the longest stretches, and maybe soon – some opportunities to mentor each other.

Professional Resources

Need to learn a skill outside of your wheelhouse? Want to get your foot in the door with some I.T.-driven companies?  Or maybe you want to polished your business perspective.  Here are some resources we've gathered to help check those boxes.

Under-utilized and under-explored - the alumni library has so much more than you'd expect.  Don't judge a book by its cover, open the pages and see what your investigative mind will uncover.

Master's Degree Programs

Advancement depends on competence, certifications, and credentials. WGU's online I.T. master's degree programs are designed specifically for experienced I.T. professionals and managers like you who are seeking upward mobility. Our degrees emphasize mastery of the skills and knowledge that are essential for continued advancement.

Recently, WGU expanded the offering to include a Master of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.  Prove to employers you've got what it takes to create a safer, more secure world for organizations and their information.

Continue with WGU 

WGU Alumni returning for a master's degree don't have to start from square one - you're already in the club. Fast-track your application!  You might also be surprised to learn that scholarships are available to returning graduates.  See what's available and take your next step!

Refer a Friend

Spread the word and refer your friends, family and coworkers to WGU.  We offer reward options for you and a free application for your referrals!  What a great way to be paid for paying it forward.