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Is there anything status quo in the business industry?  Fueled by innovators, entrepreneurs, and technology – every single day holds a surprise.  Sure, that keeps things exciting – but it also means you have to keep up.

So many career paths fall under the big-bus umbrella.  We can’t tackle it all (meaning we’re open to suggestions) but we promise to put good efforts toward pointing you toward career-change resources, articles that artfully explore your favorite topics, and other popular subjects - like ‘make more money’ and ‘leading a team to success'.  Plus, we’ll always keep you abreast of the latest masters degree programs we’ve launched (yep, we’re running a business too).

Professional Resources

Free online business training through MindEdge's One Hour Courses are available to all grads, but specifically business professionals. You'll also find an evergreen list of Useful Links, broken out into common segments.

Under-utilized and under-explored - the alumni library has so much more than you'd expect.  Don't judge a book by its cover, open the pages and see what your investigative mind will uncover.

Master's Degree Programs

Competence and credibility are king in business. Advancement often depends on both.  WGU's online MBA and M.S. degree programs are designed specifically for experienced business professionals and managers like you who are seeking upward mobility. These programs will equip you with superior business and management skills that prep you for your greatest success.  Our accredited management programs are challenging and relevant to the demands of business leaders.

Continue with WGU 

WGU Alumni returning for a master's degree don't have to start from square one - you're already in the club. Fast-track your application!  You might also be surprised to learn that scholarships are available to returning graduates.  See what's available and take your next step!

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Spread the word and refer your friends, family and coworkers to WGU.  We offer reward options for you and a free application for your referrals!  What a great way to be paid for paying it forward.