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Your achievements inspire current students to push forward, reminding them that their sacrifices now will soon pay returns. WGU alumni successes paint the most brilliant portrait of what this university is made of...this is your canvas. Exercise your voice, share your insights, and utilize the scale of our audience!

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No matter how we choose to live our lives, our actions and decisions affect others. Our experiences with the world often direct our path or redirect our plans.

Alexander Wright has witnessed many social injustices – but a few of them were impetus moments that shaped his life. They have molded the work he does in this world.  

Posted on 3/24/2017
After years of planning, dreaming, and development, and Jared DeMoss has fulfilled a long-time goal of producing an app for the creative community. 

“I’d love to have a place where an author could publish their writings and have an opportunity to share them to a larger group,” Jared said. 

When he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted, he went to work and created it himself—and for other budding writers—an app called Writer’s Outlet.
Posted on 3/15/2017

A three-time graduate of WGU shares a story of hope.

This is the testimony of John Tucker - an honest, revealing picture of what it means to climb out of a very hard spot.

Posted on 2/27/2017

Tony is a perfect example of the rewards that come from stretching beyond your comfort zone. He had the experience, the intellect, and the drive to do more - the only roadblock to reaching his full potential were the leaders who couldn't grasp Tony's vision.

In healthcare, specialization is the norm - and apparently that extends beyond the physicians and into healthcare administration. Once Tony has his MBA in Healthcare Management locked down, he gained the keys to a brand new professional territory.

See what role Tony was appointed to by the governor...

Posted on 2/3/2017

Who says IT folks aren't funny?...

Josh is an improv comedian.  He's also an accomplished IT professional.

Using a improv mantra, Josh began to open himself to new possibilities.

He's taken two different settings, and found complementary components that stimulate the growth he wants - how brilliant!

Posted on 1/27/2017

Phyllis reached out to her alma mater to explain a community effort she and her husband have built around college preparedness. Once we spoke to her, we realized how interesting she truly was.

Named Teach of the Year by her peers in 2016, but also as an honorer-of-heritage, Phyllis is a woman who wears many hats - both literally and metaphorically.

The biggest hat is a teacher commitment called looping. She explains what looping is and how it has benefited her students and her school.

Read her story and see just how infused education is into the fibers of her life.

Posted on 1/27/2017

This IT-professional turned business leader is deeply invested in the success of a start-up, giving back through volunteering and mentoring, and celebrating life through travel.  Brian is balanced, but that takes effort and focus.  You'll want to meet him after you read some interesting facts about him.  With all that is in-the-works within the alumni team, who knows, that might be a possibility...

Read about how Brian spends his time.

Posted on 11/8/2016

This veteran knows how to take advantage of opportunities that cross his path.  He traded the USAF for the USMC, the traditional track to becoming an officer for a specialized college-prep program, and the basic business route for a cross-fit company that blends airmen mentality, business acumen, and IT intellect.

Greg's story is a series of moments seized.

Posted on 9/21/2016

As an educator, Joel Bianchi is doing his part to increase student exposure to emerging opportunities.  The New York native is adding electricity into the classroom with innovative physics curriculums and robotics clubs.  Anyone who is familiar with the term 'maker' or the STEAM movement will be inspired by what Joel and others - like Chelsey Roebuck, an upcoming Sage Talks speaker - in a Harlem academy are doing to increase opportunity awareness with their students.

Read Joel's story and learn all about what it takes to develop and sustain a robotics program.

Posted on 9/2/2016

Not one to shy away from change, Adam Harris has an interesting story of shifting focus. From overseas experience as a child, years as an aquatic biologist, and finding the woman who would complete his puzzle - all those factors worked together to place Adam where he is now, teaching abroad - and continually learning himself.

Read Adam and Ciara's story of embracing education abroad.

Posted on 8/21/2016

We all remember a favorite teacher.  Their guidance, passion, and support leaves a mark on our life.  And if you're a teacher, you understand that making a lasting impression is part of the overall goal.

Teaching a subject is one thing.  Honing the ability to connect that subject-matter to the real life of a student is something above and beyond.

See how Annie builds relationships to do just that.

Posted on 8/2/2016
WGU Alum Recognized as One of the 10 Most Innovative Teachers in America

Alumni of WGU won't think twice about how successful Fabian Reid's teaching methodology is... after all, each of you completed a competency-based degree program.  Whether or not Fabian took a cue from his experience at WGU, we will have to catch up with him to find out.

The story of the hour is that Fabian, who teaches Common Core Math 1 and 8th grade math, has earned a huge recognition. He's been named one of the Top 10 Innovative Teachers in the nation by the Henry Ford Innovation Nation Teacher Innovator Awards.

Watch the Fox 8 News video that shows Fabian Reid in action.  Or, read the article in the Greensboro News & Record.

We promise to catch up with Fabian some time over the summer to get the insider details, and a few pieces of advice from him to share with our teacher audience!

Posted on 6/13/2016

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. - Jim Rohn

Adan Morell had the discipline required to fast-track through two degree programs with WGU in order to achieve his lifelong goals.  Now, he's living the life he envisioned.

His family places a high value on learning and service - and sticking with your dreams. Read Adan's story.

Posted on 6/30/2016

We ask Karen Greenberg, Ashley Galvin, and Jill Howard five questions that cover everything from life as a nurse to talking with the President...

See their connected, yet varying perspectives.

Posted on 5/1/2016

Thirty years of continuous service for one entity is becoming more uncommon.  Take a second look at thirty years, through the lens of service for the United States Air Force, and you have a glimpse into the life of Eddie Maldonado.

Working your way up to the highest enlisted rank in the military is a lifetime achievement; however, Eddie's perspective on rank and leadership is quite different.  You can lead from the back, but most don't know how.  What it takes is understanding your team, hearing what drives them, and using that leverage to aim everyone at a singular goal.

Eddie Maldonado is a master at leadership, whether in a healthcare setting or an I.T. setting.  Honor his service by simply reading his story.

Posted on 7/1/2016

Motivation to advance led Sandy to go after an master's degree and pushed her to fast-track in her program, graduating in seven months.

It's impressive what Sandy accomplished with the momentum of her motivation.

Posted on 5/2/2016

As he watched his wife going after her dream, Brett Ford took a long look in the mirror and then enrolled with WGU.  The two used their strengths to help the other through their tough courses.

Brett and Madonna Ford celebrated their graduations together, just before Valentine's Day, at the WGU Winter 2016 Commencement.
We Now Pronounce You "Graduated"


Posted on 4/12/2016

After a diverse education and career path - which included a master's degree in counseling psychology, motivational sales speaking, and earning a credential of readiness from Harvard University HBX CORe - Sheneka Balogun found her home as both a faculty member and student of WGU Tennessee.

Read her story to see why she says "You walk away empowered."

Posted on 3/25/2016

President & Founder of "Women of Denver"
Author of The 4 Keys to Influence
MBA Graduate & self-proclaimed recovering introvert.

Posted on 1/11/2016
Genevieve Kirch will always be WGU's first graduate.  To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first graduate, WGU checks in.  Read about the opportunities Genevieve found along the way, her teaching philosophy, and her thoughts on retirement.
Posted on 12/16/2015
Meet Nick.
He's career driven.
He's got a solid plan.
See how that plan made all the difference...
Posted on 3/16/2016

She's lived all over the world, and studied wherever she went.
Finally, she has a permanent home in the U.S. and a teaching degree completed.

Posted on 4/16/2016

Ashley Galvin graduated with her BSN from WGU in 2014.  When she saw a Facebook post for the Alumni Master's Scholarship, she said, "I was like, 'Perfect!'"  She applied, and was awarded a scholarship.

We checked in with Ashley to get her perspective on WGU's MSN program, a look back on the BSN program, and a look ahead at the healthcare industry - and her place in it as a master's prepared nurse.

Posted on 5/4/2016

As the chief operating officer of TriStar Skyline Medical Center – Madison Campus, an HCA Healthcare hospital in Nashville, Jill has to juggle chaos like an expert … a skill honed during those initial years in nursing.

Six years since she earned her MBA Healthcare Management degree at WGU, we’re catching up with Jill to see how the transition from director of nursing to chief operating officer has been.

See how Jill has settled into her prominent role, plus how she extends service into her community...

Posted on 5/2/2016
When Dana Ralph decided run for Kent City Council in 2011, she had to provide information for the voter’s guide. She wrote down that she owned her own business, served as chair of the city’s Land Use and Planning Board, and was named president of the Kent Arts Commission. She also mentioned she was a longtime member of the PTA.

Dana knew she could help lead her hometown and would make a great councilwoman. The voters agreed and elected her to the City Council that year —– where Dana has served ever since.
Posted on 10/24/2016

Read how this ambitious businessman took a very non-traditional tactic to bring the ideal job to his doorstep.  Paul served with the U.S. Navy but now works in private equity from the Big Apple.  He shares some insider information on career pathing that may give you an idea.

See what Paul did to bring opportunity to him.

Posted on 11/8/2016

It’s a noble pursuit to continually seek knowledge and understanding, especially of a challenging subject.  We all have our favorite topics, but what about those elusive ones that draw us in and interrogate us? Brandon Pipkin found his subject – and it changed his life. As he fought for success he found a truth that he simply had to share.

For the month of June and July, Brandon is offering alumni a free copy of his book! Read his full story here, but go get his book after!

Posted on 6/9/2016

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