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WGU loves the thought-leadership of its alumni.  There are likely many authors who have a degree from one of our four colleges... and we consider it our bragging rights to be able to share some of those authors and their publications with you here.  We're not in a position to endorse these individuals or their writings but we certainly can share and let you explore their written word!
After years of planning, dreaming, and development, and Jared DeMoss has fulfilled a long-time goal of producing an app for the creative community. 

“I’d love to have a place where an author could publish their writings and have an opportunity to share them to a larger group,” Jared said. 

When he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted, he went to work and created it himself—and for other budding writers—an app called Writer’s Outlet.
Posted on 3/15/2017

In Worchester, Pennsylvania, Heather Ford has traded 'rose colored glasses' in favor of yellow-colored safety glasses—especially since her investigation on the effects of blue light exposed a large amount of surprising research. She's a multi-level educator as well as an optometrist and she's made it her personal mission to inform her audience on the sources, effects, and safety precautions of lights emitting harmful blue light.

Heather is one of our published alumni. She's shared her learnings, her published article, and her journey through this spectrum for everyone's benefit.  See what blue light is and why you should care.

In regards to teaching and the writing process for students, Heather says, "I find that the scientific writing process is becoming a lost art for many, and the best way to model for students the importance of writing is to do it yourself and share with them the journey."



Posted on 12/14/2016

Read how this ambitious businessman took a very non-traditional tactic to bring the ideal job to his doorstep.  Paul served with the U.S. Navy but now works in private equity from the Big Apple.  He shares some insider information on career pathing that may give you an idea.

See what Paul did to bring opportunity to him.

Posted on 11/8/2016

It’s a noble pursuit to continually seek knowledge and understanding, especially of a challenging subject.  We all have our favorite topics, but what about those elusive ones that draw us in and interrogate us? Brandon Pipkin found his subject – and it changed his life. As he fought for success he found a truth that he simply had to share.

For the month of June and July, Brandon is offering alumni a free copy of his book! Read his full story here, but go get his book after!

Posted on 6/9/2016

President & Founder of "Women of Denver"
Author of The 4 Keys to Influence
MBA Graduate & self-proclaimed recovering introvert.

Posted on 1/11/2016
Author of "Securing the C Level", "Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified", "The Security Trifecta (TM)" and thousands of blog articles. Read his full bio and see his complete professional portfolio on his website.
Posted on 10/14/2015
Jerry ThompSon
This visionary brings a message that is dynamic, enthusiastic, and inspiring.  A great read for anyone wanting to explore living a life of abundance.  Read the book free on Kindle -
Posted on 7/2/2015

LYCCYX is a multi-episode series within the fantasy epic, science fiction, and young adult genres.  Rated an Amazon #1 in two categories and Top 10 in Military Science Fiction.  Brian's Amazon author page has all the details.

Brandon also writes within his industry of I.T.

Posted on 12/25/2014

Growing up with 90% hearing loss is hard for anyone.  In his first book, ​Hearing with My Heart​, Justin Osmond shares his story of overcoming communication challenges and becoming an award winning musician despite his circumstances.

He's currently working on a second book, ​250 Miles to Freedom​, where he will address mastering your fears in uncommon ways.

Posted on 7/1/2014

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